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Disability and Agriculture

Individuals with a disability who work in an agricultural setting face challenges that can impact their productivity, mental and physical health, and quality of life. The National AgrAbility Project provides general resources that address farming and ranching with a disability.


AgrAbility: It's About Hope focuses on the personal stories of AgrAbility customers, including John Enns (Oklahoma), Brenda Besse (Illinois), Philip Jones (Maryland), and Peggy Milliman (Maryland). Each describes the circumstances that led them to AgrAbility, how the Program helped them, and the ways that they have gone on to prosper and provide hope to others. In addition to the interviews, the video provides essential information about how AgrAbility operates and how to access AgrAbility
services. It was produced in short and long versions.

The short version, approximately 5 minutes long)

The full version, approximately 20 minutes long)

Mississippi AgrAbility produced two videos: Caring for a Diabetic Foot in a Farming Environment and Caring for a Residual Limb in a Farming Environment.

Caring for a Diabetic Foot in a Farming Environment

Caring for a Residual Limb in a Farming Environment

Technical Articles

The Plowshares are technical articles that were published by the Breaking New Ground Resource Center over several years. Each report focuses on a specific topic on farming/ranching with a disability.

Publications on Disability and Agriculture

For several years, research relating to issues of working in agriculture with a disability has been published. The AgrAbility Project has made a partial bibliography of these publications and media available.